9) to invest, deposit and negotiate with LLP money that is not immediately necessary for their purpose, security or security and in such page 14 of 20 ways of thinking perhaps, and from time to time to vary or make such investments. 85 years old. On behalf of the LLP, designated partners enter into a contract with a government, central, national or local, a bank or financial institution or a person or person (hereafter referred to as “The Researcher”) for the loan, for the provision of guarantees or guarantees, for cooperation or technical assistance or for the conclusion of another agreement, have the right to designate or appoint one or more LLP representatives by a written notification of the delegate. 34. No partner can do this without the written consent of all other LLP partners: 2. The initial contribution of LLP is Rs — (only rupees – made by the partners in the following proportions: Part one: %i.e. Rs. (roupies_ only) Part Two: -% i.e., I.e., Rs. – (only Rupien – all other contributions, if necessary by the LLP, are made by the partners in a relationship that can be decided from time to time with the agreement of all partners. OR with the agreement of the majority of partners from time to time or in proportion to the initial contribution.

OR in relation to the profit-sharing rate mentioned below. OR in the voting rights report mentioned below. 7. Sleeping Partners: All partners who are not designated as LLP`s designated partners are sleeping partners and must not interfere in the day-to-day activities of the 21. Duration of validity of the facts: the duration of the agreement be_ years from the date mentioned in the first, provided that this act can be extended by mutual agreement of the contracting parties on the conditions or modifications that can be agreed by mutual agreement between them.