Chroming automotive parts has become very expensive in recent years and although spray on chrome has been around for a number of years the end result is never that close to real chrome and often looks more like polished steel until now.

After quite some research I found a fantastic technology similar to that used in the mirror making industry which provide a genuine faux chrome finish to any base material including plastic, fibre glass, carbon fibre and metals.

chrome alternative

And the best part is the price, on average you will save over 50% when compared to electro plated traditional chrome.

Spray on alternative chrome benefits:

  1. Over 50% saving against the price of genuine chrome
  2. Any item can be spray chromed not just metal.
  3. The item does not have to be repaired with lead or copper as you with traditional real chrome.
  4. Can be coloured or tinted as required
  5. looks like real chrome
  6. No special cleaning or surface maintenance required


  1. It is a paint finish and as such will only be as durable as other painted areas on your car.

Some great applications that are possible with this alternative chroming system.

Headlight reflectors are hard to find for older cars and our silvering chrome alternative is ideal for re-silvering head lamp reflector.

Hood ornaments. Due to there complex shapes if a hood ornament is excessively pitted it can be extremely expensive to have lead filled and shaped for re-chroming. Not any more.

Interior trim parts. Car Speedo and tacho  bezels, door car beads, switches, knobs, dials, radio fascias, gear sticks and even steering wheels can now be re-silvered or custom chromed for a more exclusive look. remember it does not matter what the object is made of it can now be done to look like chrome.

Exterior trim parts. chrome trims, badges & emblems, window surrounds, light casings, handles, bumpers and even body panels can be re-chromed using this system.

Get that custom chrome look. Don’t want the standard chrome shine? this chrome alternative can be tinted with various colours to create a very individual look in either a subtle tint or a vibrant burst.

coloured chrome

Subtle tint purple and gold chrome

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