We may currently still look rather Fred in a shed but we do get some beautiful classic exotics come through the doors.

Peoples perception and expectation of perfection varies greatly so we don’t promise perfection.

However we will endeavour to ensure that all details are correct but this does require an open cheque book approach. 

We have a small but highly skilled team, capable of fabricating every car body panel in house from sheet metal and aluminium without using industrial manufacturing processes. Our reduced overheads and skill sets mean we are capable of achieving similar results as some of the big name restoration centres but at a lower cost, a saving that we pass on to you.

‘To achieve a great result you either need a great starting point or to start from scratch’.

If you are considering a restoration then you are at one of the following starting points:

  • You have just purchased a complete basket case like this one where the cost saving allows you too invest in achieving a ground up rebuild 
  • The car is so rare that this is the only example available
  • You own a reasonable example but want to make it a great example.

Whatever your reason please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements further.