Spray booth hire

Our spray booth hire service is now available.

When it comes to painting your car a professional spray booth provides the environment your hard body preparation work deserves.

The heated spray booth is supplied fully equipped including spray guns and compressor. The booth is a Burntwood elite with raised pit extraction providing downdraft air movement (1.25 min air recycle time) and has full bake control and booth pressure control.

We rent the booth facility on a day rate basis for just £250 per day (9-5pm additional hours are £40/hr). We can supply paint and materials if required and we always have a supply of masking and abrasives that you can purchase should you need to.

If you are an experienced sprayer you may prefer to use your own spray gun. Please note that our air lines use the larger standard PCL couplings.

If you are new to spraying the booth is attended by a technician who will be happy to advise you.

Please use the form below to make an enquiry or preferably phone 07429 725 093 (working hours) to speak with us directly.

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