Underbody rust proofing service for cars. For improved vehicle longevity reducing future expenses A.K.A Waxoyl treatment

For those of us who love our cars and want to preserve them or reduce the need for costly future repairs caused by rust, a good chassis / underbody rust protection coating service is an essential must have. Especially in England with our gritted salty winter roads.

Standard rust protection service : for cars with existing under body protection. Under body protection only last for a number of years and should be renewed every 5-10 years. Our basic treatment procedure is as follows;

  • first we remove under wing covers and underbody trays.
  • The cars underbody is then degreased and steam power washed to remove dirt, grease and loose particles. (this level of surface does not remove all old underbody protection only those areas that where the integrity of the existing protective coating is compromised).
  • All rust areas are wire brushed mechanically or by hand depending on accessability Then a rust converting sealing agent is applied (either Dinitrol RC900 or Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80) which chemically neutralises rust converting it to a hard inert substrate.
  • Next we apply a liberal coating of  Dinitrol 4941 or Bilt Hamber Dynax UB underbody/chassis rust proofing agent to the underside (We only use highly regarded products we don’t actually use traditional Waxoyl).
  • Lances are used to inject wax body protection inside chassis rails, sill panels and inner body cavities*. Door internals, boot internals, bonnet internals and internal inner rear wing* are treated to a application of cavity wax protection to help preserve the inner panels and stop rust eating through from the other side.
  • Please be aware this process takes 2days on average to complete. 
  • Prices start from £375 depending on car size and complexity call or text to book on 07429 725 093

For those of you not local and would like the service performed in one day we can oven bake the car to accelerate drying time in our spray booth  £60 extra (we prefer to have the vehicle left with us as it is a considerable challenge to complete this task in 1 day and be thorough in the process)

Please note that we can only offer this surface to cars under 2000kg

Indicated price guide:

  • Small classics such as Healey Sprints, Mg Midget, Austin Mini £450
  • Small modern cars such as Mazda Mx5, Civics. £475
  • Medium size classic and modern cars e.g Saab 900, Escort, Alfa Romeo Breara £500
  • Large cars, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW £550
  • 4×4 combined chassis, such as Toyota rav4, Hyundai Tucson £500
  • 4×4 ladder chassis, such as Defender 90 £550

CALL or TEXT to book 07429 725 093

The 3 stage of anti corrosion rust protection

The 3 stage of anti corrosion rust protection

With a multitude of products available we only used the best reviewed and tested car rust treatments available in our car undercoating and rust proofing services.

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Before and after combined photos


BMW e30 before underbody and after protective application

before and after

VW Campervan waxoyl rust protection

VW Campervan waxoyl rust protection

Toyota Mr2 half way through rust protection application

Mr 2 rust protection application completed

Jaguar XK8 with a refreshed coat of underbody rust protection

Underbody protection is a great idea for import cars.

Do you require an alternative to powdercoating suspension parts, linkages or even an entire chassis? Then check out our epoxy mastic paint spraying service, using award winning epoxy mastic 121 rust proofing chassis paint. Non porus, tough, extreme adhesion and flexible. click here for more information.

This Rust Proofing service will be available from our sister company as of mid 2022