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Datsun 240Z body restoration

This US import Datsun 240z was in very good condition. The body was 90% rot and damage free which made for a rarely straight forward body restoration. The Owner of this Datsun 240z wanted a very true original parts car…. Continue Reading →

Aston Martin DBS V8

The Aston Martin DBS for me is the ultimate muscle car especially in black. A muscle car that makes you feel masculine and yet swarve at the same time. The Aston Martin classic DBS range embodies elegance and power with… Continue Reading →

Porsche 911 restos and paintjobs

BLACK 911 911 Targa for Hill Climb and fun days out. Originally a faded red Targa now detailed in black and gold. Other changes included Chrome small mirror, euro lights, bumper air duct for oil cooling, Custom vent on the… Continue Reading →

2x Alpine Renault 5 Turbo2

We have done a few Renault Alpines in the past;  A110, GTA and a LeMans but this was our first Renault 5 turbo. I don’t mind admitting I was quite excited about this car because I don’t recall ever seeing… Continue Reading →

A cool look for a LandRover Series 2A

I am not a land rover man. I have driven them on the road and did not particularly like the experience and I have driven some very peculiar vehicles. However they are very good at what they are designed to… Continue Reading →

Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 Repaint

When ever I start writing one of these case studies I always seam to comment on my personal background with the Marque or particular model that is the subject of the article and this is no exception. I love Pinninfarina… Continue Reading →

Epoxy Chassis paint as an alternative to powder coating

Could epoxy be the ultimate coating for hard-wearing metal parts including suspension, chassis and exposed fuel tanks. A serious alternative to powder coating?

Using h.o.k Candy apple red on AC Cobra

Firstly I must comment that the quality of the fibreglass shell made by AK Sportcars was really very good. Strong and still light. When we start work on a fibreglass/GRP car body shell we always test bake them to check… Continue Reading →

Painting stripes on a car body.

Masking stripes for painting on to a car sound easy but it’s really not. Firstly why both painting stripes on your car when you can just use vinyl? Painted line just look so much better, they are as glossy as… Continue Reading →

Custom Airbrush Motor Bike Kawasaki Z1000 A1

When A family friend asked me to custom paint his motorbike I jumped at the chance. There were some restrictions; Firstly the main colour had to be the same as the old colour (dark burgandy/purple candy). The second criterion was… Continue Reading →

Body restoration and Painting of an Aluminium bodied Bentley Continental S1 James Young.

Coming from an arts and design background I have always been more influenced by a car’s look rather then its heritage and performance. Cars like the De Tomaso Mangusta, Talbot Lago, Jaguar XJ6 coupe, E-type low drag coupe, BMW E9,… Continue Reading →

BMW 2002 group 2 classic touring car respray

How do you make a very cool retro car even cooler, paint it black and add some JPS inspired offset gold stripes. We dont paint a lot of race cars, often we find and rightly so that race car owners… Continue Reading →

Alpha Romeo 2000 spider repair.

I don’t usually post part repair on the site but this little Alpha

Opalescent Dark Blue Jaguar E-type body restoration and paint work

Jaguar Etype series 2 convertible body restoration project. When this convertible series 2 Jaguar etype arrived with us it had already been dip stripped and the bonnet had the paint removed courtesy of a 36 grit sanding disc which had… Continue Reading →

Work for us: we are recruiting

Would you like to work for us? As a member of our team you will enjoy our friendly and casual working environment with an emphasis on quality of work rather then speed of turnaround. Ideally we are looking for someone… Continue Reading →

Working on Three Early Split screen busses

Whats the chances of being asked to produce two virtually identical pre 1960 Split Screen bus body restorations in in the same colour virtually back to back, well with a very contrasting rat look in between The first bus was… Continue Reading →

Fabricating a doorskin panel for classic Lamborghini Espada

Generally speaking in this area of the website I usually only post full resprays or restoration work but I cannot miss the opportunity to put this smaller job on the site, well can you blame me it is a classic… Continue Reading →

Mercedes 450SLC Repair and Repaint

A little bit of paint bubbling can sometimes be a whole world of trouble. This SLC looked fairly good top side just a little bit of bubbling above the headlight, one wheel arch, under the window aperture and the standard… Continue Reading →

Two classic MG repaints and body repairs

60s Chrome bumper MG RoadsterThis lovely little roadster had a great history. The MG belonged to the current owners father who had the choose of an E-type or an MG as a company perk whilst working in the states. During… Continue Reading →

1972 Porsche Targa

We often get LHD American imports that claim to have come from a dry state yet the body condition when investigated tells a different storey. This Porsche 911 bucked the trend and was totally solid. The fact that the Targa… Continue Reading →

Repairing Porsche 550 spyder replica body

We all know that replica cars can be hit or miss in terms of there build quality. Often assembled using a mismatch of bits and bobs from various manufacturers cobbled together over a hand made GRP mould produced in someones… Continue Reading →

Car body paint stripping blasting service

We are expanding our classic car restoration and painting services to include car body or panel, paint removal facility at our base between the boarders of Buckinghamshire,  Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes. Many of you will know how immensely time consuming… Continue Reading →

Car underbody rust protection service

service for protecting, treating and proofing against rust. Rust proofing your cars underbody, chassis and cavities is essential and will reduce repair bills and prolong the life of your cars chassis. We only use top quality products, from Bilt Hamber or Dinitrol. Cavity waxing all with rust conversion £335

1959 Fiat 1500 spider repaint with panel fabrication

Rare classic Fiat 1500 spider respray that turned in to a partial body restoration with panel fabrication.

Jaguar E-type body repair and respray

From red to Jaguars gunmetal grey. See the work involved in respraying and repairing this iconic E-type Jaguar

fake rat car look using faux paint on metal rust effect

Local car enthusiast Joe contact me via facebook to enquire about getting his VX220 race car painted and whilst we where there showed me his old VW Baja that he had bought for a bit of fun. The car was… Continue Reading →

Classic Ferrari respray 1974 Dino

Repainting and restoring a classic Ferrari Dino 246GT. lots of body shape research and oldschool panel beating techniques where used to reshape this classic Ferrari’s body shell to make it like new.

Custom Paint job on 1964 VW split screen

64 VW splitscreen painted in classic colours with a modern twist and a subtle painted custom roof design

1960s Mercedes 230sl restoration project.

1960s Mercedes 230SL body restoration. Lots of welding, lots of preparation lots of pride

1925 vintage Bentley 3 litre paintwork

Beautiful 1925 vintage Bentley in the bodyshop for paintwork

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