Sprayers biographies

Dennis Downs. with over 45 yrs experience in panel beating and spraying he has worked for Rolls Royce and the Royal house hold amongst others. There is no such thing as a panel he cannot repair. He is our pro painter and master of body work.

Gavin Downs BA – With a background in Art & Graphic Design Gavin has an eye for the visual that he transcends to the automotive world. Gavin and his father spent many summers working together on various project cars, each project gave them time together with father teaching son the trade.

IMG_2524Adam – every company should have an Adam. Adam started as an apprentice and has developed a wealth of skill. showing a particular penchant for panel fabrication. He is also a good prep hand and is proficient in Mig, tig and oxy welding. Infact apart from paint application he has got it covered.


IMG_2457James –  Having trained in the high volume turnaround accident repair industry James knows how to turn out consistently good results. He is also a fantastic paint finishers.