We don’t only paint cars we will also paint other things… fridges, cupboards, furniture and Oh yes motorcycles.Not being a massive bike fan i was shocked at the amount of fairings that require painting on a large motor bike. These fairings are from a Honda St1300 Pan European including the rear storage box there where 14 seperate components that required covering. For those of you thinking of painting your bike and how much paint is required 1ltr of each material painted all these bike parts.

There was a range of panels from old used parts to new ex police bike spares. whilst removing the decals some big sections of old paint came away from some of the fairings for this reason we decided to have the fairings soda blasted prior to painting. The Soda blasting was carried out by local Buckinghamshire company A&C Soda Blasting www.acsodablasting.co.uk . Soda was the obvious choice as we did not want to damage the substrate.

Applying waterbase candy colours is done in three stages (not including the priming and rubbing down) First a metallic base is laid down in this case a metallic copper. After approximately 30minutes you can apply the candy coat. This does appear very solid when first applied but be brave and give it a good thick wet coat then clear coat lacquer to finish.

So if you need to find someone to paint your motor bike contact us for a free quote.