New special effect car paint finishes are being developed or reintroduced all the time here is a selection of different types of paint that my tickle your fancy…

Paint doesn’t have to be just metallic, solid or pearl

Have a look below for some examples of alternative special effect paints

Why have gloss Satin or satin coloured parts can look great on you car

Satin is the new matt. Or combine satin coloured parts with gloss to make areas and details stand out.

Raw metal effects can be applied this is a selection of our test pieces including fake copper, steel and aluminium.

Raw metal effects can be applied this is a selection of our test pieces including fake copper, steel, brushed steel and aluminium. They can be aged or left to look like clean metal. This is an artistic paint application so results vary and  multiple materials are used.

mixed media car finishes

Mixing effects- Airbrushed and brushed designs utilising pinstripes, metal flake and candy pigment colours together to get that hot rod or low rider look.

Flip car paint that changes colour with light

Go for that 90’s look with colour paint flips to give that oil on water effect. Neat auto paint effect that can be controlled to be subtle or in your face.


Special effect car paints

A sample of some special effect automotive paints. crystallising effect paint and glow in the dark. Generally better used in moderation for details or to created patterned slices through the body work.

Chrome paint samples

Chrome /mirror paint gives a 90%+ real chrome look, Prizmacoat (moves with light) and coloured / tinted chrome can be created using a candy in the clear coat (even black chrome)

Sample of vibrant candy colour paints.

Sample of vibrant candy colour paints. A colour tinted clear coat is applied over a silver or gold metallic base coat this gives loads of depth, shine and vibrant colours

Metal flake automotive paint

Originally used in the 70’s these colours are making a strong comeback, lots more variations and colours available to choose from

Specialist car laquers

It don’t have to shine, Matt soft touch lacquers and ultra high gloss all available