All work and no play makes jack a dull boy –

– so I combine work and play.

I know it’s not the real world and I realise that painting custom and classic cars for a living and then going home and doing it digitally is bordering on obsession but this month Forza 4 finally added a beetle to the download content. Naturally I had to download it and instantly started the decal editor to visualise my paint job for the Baja project.

I know that you don’t have much to play with in the way of tools but with Forza you can visualise your paint scheme and test colour combos.

If you are a Forza gamer search the photos, designs or decals for gamer tag GavDo and you can down my Beetle and other designs for free I also done a Volkszone logo for the other Dubnuts out there that you can add to your own designs.

┬áPlease enjoy – see you on the track.

Other samples of Forza designs available from my storefront