Master C – Not just the master sprayer but also a genuine Tai Chi Chen master. He applies the same focus and passion he used to become a Tai Chi master to his spraying. With 35yrs spraying experience Master C has done everything from custom metal flake designs through to show winning cars.

The Pro – Dennis  aka ‘the old man’. Dennis has 45 yrs panel beating and spraying experience and has painted for Rolls Royce and the Royal house hold amongst others. There is no such thing as a panel he cannot repair. He is our pro painter and master of body work.

The apprentice Gavin Downs BA – With 13yrs experience as a graphic designer Gavin has a passion for the visual. ‘I decided to move away from the competitive graphic industry and combine my love of the visual with my hobby of restoring and modifying classic cars’. Gavin was lucky, his fathers a panel beater and sprayer. Each project gave them time together with father teaching son the trade. However it was getting increasingly difficult to find places to actually spray the cars, usually a residential garage was the only option. At this point Gavin started to develop the concept of The Paint Shop Pros.

‘Initially I wanted to create a place where I could do my car projects and other enthusiasts could hire the facilities to help sustain and improve it. The maths and a brief test period suggested that this would not work financially so the focus moved to providing a classic and custom specialist painters, It took a year to find the right painters with the right reputation who could facilitate ‘The Paint Shop Pros’ becoming the experts choice.

Gavin still wants to implement the idea of a communal spray booth and will be continuing to find ways to implement it.