Although we mostly deal with full resprays we do classic car repair aswell.

If you own a classic car there is a fair chance that you do not know the colour or it varies from the one stated on its manufacture paint code plate. Even if the vehicle is the original colour there is a good chance that time and UV light will have taken it’s toll on the paintwork and the codes will never give you the colour you need to patch or have invisible repairs done to the body.

When we have to repair part of a classic for a client we send a fuel cap or other small detachable part of the car to our paint supplier who will analyse and provide a formulation for that colour. However this is no guarantee of a perfect match. Although it is often similar it is never the same colour because they can only analyse a small section of the panel to get a reading.

The solution is to fade and blend the paint on to the adjacent areas or panels. All our paint and repair is blended using these paint techniques so the transition between the old paint and the new paint is unnoticeable to the human eye in natural light.

Rear corners resprayed on both sides and front panels


Both rear quarters repaired and painted after minor damage