911 Targa for Hill Climb and fun days out. Originally a faded red Targa now detailed in black and gold. Other changes included Chrome small mirror, euro lights, bumper air duct for oil cooling, Custom vent on the new ducktail spoiler, Roll hoop polished, Roll cage fitted, new chrome handles.

Our 1st 911

This is SoCal. Yellow on old Porsches is always slightly sad and run down looking but when its fresh its a totally different story.

Grey 911 Targa

Black 911 Targa repainted to Porsche Dolomite Grey. Again this body was delivered as a chemically dipped shell ready for welding and metal work. The 911 body was sent back for ecoating after metal work was complete.

Modern Porsche 911

Straightforward repaint. This 911s only problem was that it was 5 shades of white. We stripped down the body. Repaired a handful of minor dents replaced rubber seals and repainted her.