Budget options for those who looking to spend between £1000 and £5000 can be found at the bottom of this article.

The truth is every paint job costs what it costs especially if you want it done right. Classic cars have a tendency to expose problems the further you investigate. However it is possible to make concessions to help rein in budgets although this will often show in the details and potential longevity of the work carried out. When a budget is of concern we will send you photos of the issues and contact you to discuss the route that best suits your budget the selected approach will set a presidents that dictates the nature of further work should it be required.  

Average sized vehicles requiring only minor welding/body repair or for change of colour.

The following suggested budget applies: 

Cars that only require straight resprays – average 150hrs (£6000) for modern classics cars and 200hrs (£8000) for earlier Classics.  

Typical example of processes involved: removal of parts, panel beat to remove dents, sand all visible painted surface on body and parts rectify all minor imperfections, Prime and sand back all painted surfaces including door jambs and additional painted parts but excluding cabins and engine bay. Reprime body, sand all parts again correcting any remaining minor defect. Prime and paint body and parts, to suitable standard as defined by us*.

We have probably done more Jaguar Etypes then any other make and model. Being a popular mid price range classic it makes for good example prices.

Minimum spend achieved on Etype re-paint alone £8560 

Average Etype repaint cost with standard repairs (outer sill cover replacement – doors skinned welding around rear and front arches) circa £16,000

Partial restorations: correct every potential issue exposed through the process (replacement of inner and outer sills, cabin floors, door skins, correcting aligning all components for correct panel gaps, modifying chrome work to correctly fit, replacing seals etc). In a way that preserves the authenticity and good quality history of the classic. £25,000+      

Bodies that require repair, show rust, or show previous bad repairs and filler.

Car Bodies that require repair can quite easily slip in to the realm of partial restorations. 

Often a simple outer sill cover replacement can reveal further rot on inner sills and even through to the floor and posts. Bubbling on a wheel arch often indicates that the inner arch is rotten and eating though to the outer skin. Bad panel gaps tend to mean heavy impacts and fatigued metal. Flaking paint can mean poor cheap repaint or previous repairs.   

Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to accurately estimate the cost of repair as each car and problem is different all we can do is offer you the option to spend what is required to do the job the correct way or we can make a safe temporary repair to reduce expenditure***. Neither method can be guaranteed but the correct method takes all precautions to ensure the longevity of the repair whilst attempting to maintain an untouched original look to all the detail areas.


Just for the enthusiast who has restored his own vehicle. Supplied to us prepared for paint, ready for cleaning and masking we are willing to paint your cars body for £1000+ materials* . Vehicle must be supplied in a clean, fully prepared condition ready for masking and paint application. We will endeavour to lay the coatings to a suitable standard. No guarantee of satisfaction is offered the painted results are entirely based on a single attempt and your preparation work.

Project Shells 

Is it time to get your project painted many clients bring us stripped down shells. For a shell supplied in a wash off protective primer which requires no welding or has had welding completed to acceptable standard, has no noticeable rust and you a happy with all the panel gaps I would suggest allowing in the region of £5000 -£6000

This include Sealing of all joints, Application of anti corrosion tough non-porous epoxy primer across every bare accessible surface. External body panels profiled to indicate that they are flat. Prime all surfaces, sand all visible surfaces, Paint shell and parts in stages to maintain best finish for outer surfaces. Flat and polish visible surfaces to achieve standard*

Fibreglass and Kit Car body paintwork

New kits, old kits or fibreglass manufactured cars like Lotus. We have experience with all of them. New kits generally require seam removal and shaping due to mould inaccuracies or ware and old fibreglass bodies usually have stress fractures or air bubble issues. For stress fractures we ream out the spidering and repair with high grade fibreglass resign and micro strands. Generally fibreglass bodies are a more straight forward process as we don’t have to deal with rust, they usually work out to the same equivalent price as painting a good condition steel body £5000-£8000 unless the they have steel reinforced sections that have corroded within the fibreglass. A common example is ‘A’ pillars  this can increase cost due to the labour involved in fixing such issues.