We are expanding our classic car restoration and painting services to include car body or panel, paint removal facility at our base between the boarders of Buckinghamshire,  Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes.

Many of you will know how immensely time consuming and arduous the task of stripping a classic cars body of paint is by hand. Traditionally this would involve chemical paint remover, mechanical brushes, sanders and a lot of elbow grease and then you still have to deal with all those little nooks, crannies, gutters, and door shuts with overhangs and right angels that make it an almost a never ending task to get the cars body as clean as you require with out damaging the metal. It makes far more sense to send the cars body for media blasting (commonly referred to as car sand blasting).

And then how do you choose the best soda or media blasters to send your auto body too. Cheap media blasters or sand blasting companies that normally spend there time cleaning buildings, walls and industrial equipment tend to be a bit heavy handed and use media that is too harsh for the task at hand. This will often result in heavy panel distortion that requires many more man hours for the paintshop / bodyshop to correct costing you more in the long run.

Here at our classic car bodyshop we use an array of media types (most definitely not sand) and blasting methods to match the requirements of the job at hand whether you have an aluminium, steel or fibreglass body that requires paint stripping we adapt the blasting process to match your requirements.

Having a full professional paint shop on site also benefits our customers as we can instantly prime and protect the body in a variety of products to suit your requirements including Zinc, etch, epoxy and 2k primers.

And as for those newly revealed rotten panels, dissolved wheel arches, swiss cheese floor pans and previously filled dents we can take care of that too with our Welding services ( Tig & Mig ) and part panel fabrication services.

If you would like a quote or to book please feel free to contact me direct on 07429 725 093.