The prices on this page regarding painting cars are for guidance purposes only.

If you are thinking of getting your classic or modern car re-painted and would like to know a ball park figure of our charges before enquiring then please enjoy the table below. Older and classic cars generally are more expensive then newer cars due to rot and poor previous repairs.

  • Condition A: no welding, no rust, straight panels only minor dents scratches and chips,
  • Condition B: minor welding required, surface rust, considerable wavy panels and dented panels (Cost will depend on amount of body correction required)
  • Condition C:  extensive welding, panel replacement, repair panel fabrication or even car body restoration service.

indicated prices are based on exterior only to our ‘Daily Driver*’ finish and are labor figures only. Paint and Material costs are added. Advertised prices are for indication purposes only and can very.

PLEASE NOT WE DO NOT CURRENTLY CHARGE VAT and we will try our best to stay that way (under UK compulsory VAT registration threshold).

 Cars similar in size/complexity too:  Condition A Condition B Condition C
 Mini, Midget, Figaro, MX5  £2000  £2800 £4000+
 Beetle, Escort, MGB, Mr2  £2200  £3000 £4000+
 Porsche 911, BMW 3, Volvo p1800  £3200  £4250 £5000+
 Mercedes SL, Riley,  £4000  £5000 £8000+
Muscle cars, E-type, Bentley  £5000  £6000 £9000+


  • Show car paint finish – The best finish we can give you from £1700 extra depending on condition, size and complexity of car shape
  • Bare metal respray: removing paint and preparing a car for media blasting or dipping £1000-£2500 on average depending on size
  • Wax oil underside – Free of charge with classic respray (you be will asked if you want this). £220 as separate service.
  • Two Tone paintwork – (two colours) Allow approx £450 extra
  • Custom paintwork – Air brushing, Lowrider style, traditional signwriting, and gold leaf PRICE ON APPLICATION please email me direct with your requirements.
  • Custom colours – Pearls, Metal Flakes, chameleon colours and other special effects paint will typically cost an additional £200 to apply.
  • Chrome paint jobs – From £7000, we can even tint the chrome different colours.

What’s not included in above prices:

  • Transportation fees: You can organise your own transportation or we can arrange for insured delivery on your behalf.
  • Materials: Materials used including paints, primers, abrasives and masking materials. Solid colours are cheaper then metallic base on clears.
  • Parts : Panels and fastenings if required.

*with our Daily Driver finish we aim to exceed the majority of manufacturer finishes especially in terms of orange peel. All Classic vehicles are prepared to remove panel distortions, dents, rust and provide an optimum surface for best paint jobs.