Unfortunately the ‘how much will it cost to paint my car’ 

question usually leads to either dissatisfied clients or paint shops that only last 3years (thats why there so few of us too choose from). The truth is that any car can be painted from £3000 upwards. It just depends on how good the body is, how thorough you want us to be, and the required level of finish.

With this is mind the real question is 

‘How close to perfect can you afford’

So to help guide you please read the following options and information:

When you employ a classic car restorer or paintshop you have three choices On budget, On spec, or on time you may choice 1 of them. 

On Budget: The idea of a budget varies greatly depending on your circumstances and the truth is every paint job is only as good as the work that goes in to it. This section will give you some base line pricing for change of car colour, cars that just require paint work and body shell painting. 

This section also includes guide pricing for; finishing home vehicle restorations, fibreglass kit car paintwork and custom Paintwork.

This business was not founded to be elitist it was founded from passion so when you don’t have the budget to chase perfection or the vehicle is not really economically viable to make great again, we may still be able to provide you with possible solutions. Click here to view prices and options

On spec Partial and full classic carbody restoration service. If you want the best of our abilities in every detail or you have an Aluminium bodied car Please Click here.

On time’ If you are an on time kind of guy then were probably are not for you, Unfortunately the nature of the work we carry out is dependent on the job that came before and the job that came before yours may have been delayed due to additional work required to improve the longevity of the vehicle and the work carried out by us which intern will delay proceeding jobs.

Note: We can’t agree a fixed price work: All cars start to tell their history as we dismantle them and being cars of the older variety we often uncover cheap repairs, poorly adhered repaints, and corrosion issues all of which can influence the potential longevity of the work we carry out and affect the total cost of the job.